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2021 was a total blast for Sherco at Red Bull Romaniacs! We dominated the Gold, Silver and Bronze classes and shared our passion for riding with new friends from all over the world. Throughout the week, the team at Sherco Enduro Tours, through Riderspoint, focused on supporting the riders arriving all the way from US, Island and many other countries to compete in the toughest hard enduro rally edition so far.

Bikes? Set! Rider? Ready! Success? Guaranteed!

Romaniacs Sherco riders on podium

Nick Fahringer (US) dominated the Silver class while rocking on his Sherco SE 300 Factory 2-stroke

Our family of passionate mechanics, enduro enthusiasts and fans was there to offer the best Romaniacs experience there was. Look at Nick enjoying those fresh watermelons! That big smile is the best definition of what Sherco Enduro Tours is about!

Romaniacs 2021 Retrospective

A big thank you goes to our friends at MotoManiac for capturing and sharing our story in the media. Check out their article at for more pics, insights and standings.



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