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Embark on an Unforgettable Adventure with Sherco Enduro Tours in Sibiu, Romania!

At the heart of Transylvania, in the playground of Sibiu area, Romania- the home of Red Bull Romaniacs and Sherco Enduro Tours, lies the ultimate destination for enduro enthusiasts. Here, the focus is not just on the challenging trails and breathtaking landscapes but on the values of family, team spirit, and the thrill of adventure that define our unique tours.

After years of working as a track manager for Red Bull Romaniacs, Radu Zicu took his passion for high quality bikes rental, breathtaking adventures, thrilling rides and the belief that every rider can surpass his own limit. He gathered a small team of highly passionate people that are still together since the very beginning of Sherco Romania and dedicated his time to create the ultimate and most epic adventure @ Sherco Enduro Tours! Based on a few values, such as the fact that every rider is already family and deserves the best services, diversity, adaptability of the courses, fun, discovery experiences, high quality services, and of course, a few unforgettable parties, Sherco Enduro Tours is the ultimate and most epic experience you can treat yourself with this summer. Let’s find out together why!

Our vision

Created for worldwide enduro lovers, Sherco Enduro Tours Sibiu combines all the ingredients for an unforgettable enduro adventure.
It offers the perfect balance between exciting adventure tours in Romania and a great day out on the bike, pure outdoor adrenaline, amazing landscapes, and lots of fun. Sherco bikes were introduced into the market to compete at the highest level in Enduro Competitions all over the world. They are equipped with a powerful engine and a chassis that has made Sherco a famous brand. It will only take a tour to turn you into an addicted Sherco rider. We can offer lots of enduro trails for all levels.

The enduro trips start with easy trails and, step by step, we are increasing the difficulty of the tracks. In order to please our customers, we also adjust each rider’s own riding style. Our enduro adventure begins in the middle of March and lasts until the end of November. We have almost 9 months to enjoy riding. We can organize short tours as well as long tours (3 to 5 days), we also organize longer enduro trips, according to our customers’ wishes. The one-day tour will take between 8 and 9 hours, with a lunch break in the middle of the day.

For us, enduro riding means having fun and a nice adventure, for you riding a Sherco bike can be a way to test your limits.

Our team

Radu Zicu CEO

Radu Zicu


Radu Zicu is the founder and heart of the Sherco Enduro Tours. After being track manager at Red Bull Romaniacs for years, he has decided to turn his passion into high-quality bike business.Radu believes that everyone should enjoy the fun and adventure Sibiu’s trails have to offer, and this is how Sherco Enduro Tours was born. He gathered around a small team, which is like a family, of highly dedicated, skilled, and enthusiastic mechanics and guides, which adapt to every group’s needs and work together to offer the best Sibiu and Sherco have to offer. Enjoying the ride is as important as the goal itself so he always organizes dinners and throughs parties for his new friends.

Some of the values after which Radu guides his life, business, and passion are that every rider entering his shop is already a friend, it is about the fun, adventure and experience the ride has to offer, once in the Sherco family, forever here to help you. He believes in friendship among the riders, equality in the sport and supports young riders and students to join Sherco.
Radu is a family dad, loves to spend time with his daughter and likes to ride with his friends and cook for them when he is not juggling, as a real jack-of-all-trades between riding, guiding, desk work and bike maintenance.

Radu Brumar

Radu Brumar

Racer / Guide / Track manager

Radu B. Is the co-founder of Sherco Enduro Tours. Together with Radu Zicu, he envisioned the concept and values on which the tours should be based onto, relying on his experience as a Red Bull Romaniacs track manager.
Radu is a complete athlete, competing at elite levels in both diving and skydiving, as well as enduro. During wintertime he is also a ski and snowboard instructor with a passion for initiating young kids into the sport.

In our Sherco family, he is the one who is always motivating the riders to reach their full potential, is super positive, has the know-how for every trail and is also level-headed. Radu is also a psychologist who offers support during the tours and is the person to get to for ultimate riding tips and advice.

He is highly passionate and brings professionalism up to the next level during and off tours.

Ovidiu Vlad

Ovidiu Vlad

Technical Assistance

Ovidiu is the one of the first members who joined the Sherco family, back in 2014. He is a motorcycle mechanic out of pure passion for bikes and sport. He is a very friendly person who is always helping everyone out.
Ovidiu is always looking to learn something new, excels at welding and has the team’s and his friend’s best intentions in mind. He loves mechanical challenges, improves the bikes and is cool to be around.

He is a neat mechanic and shares the passion for riding of the team, being an enduro enthusiast and rider himself. During the tours he likes to interact with the groups joining from all over the world and to try out different types of food.

Ovidiu has a heart of gold, is fun to be around and is a core member of the technical team.


Mihai Fieraru

Technical assistance

Mihai is the latest addition to the Sherco family.
He has been a mechanic since 2007, while living in Greece together with his wife and young son. Last year he decided to return home and thanks to the team’s passion and friendly atmosphere joined Sherco.

Mihai is a kind and helpful person, who often offers free advice to amateur mechanics and interns. He is fluent in both Greek and English and always offers nice insights, has a methodical approach and perspective of the ways to improve our bikes. He is highly meticulous, careful, cheerful and has great work ethics.

Viorel Costin Mechanic Enduro Rider

Viorel Costin

Technical Assistance / Racer / Guide

Viorel Costin, or Vio, as his friends call him, started his journey into the world of enduro at the age of 5. He’s not just a mechanic; he’s a magician with motorcycles, turning them into beasts ready to conquer any terrain. As a champion in national hard enduro and endurocross, he’s the go-to guy for all things two-wheeled and adrenaline-fueled.

Order and efficiency are Vio’s personal trademark in the workshop. His knack for fixing bikes is matched only by his need for speed, whether it’s tearing up the track or shredding down snowy slopes on skis. And when he’s not dominating the dirt, you can find Vio on the Go-kart track.

But it’s not just about the thrill of victory for Vio; it’s about the community. He’s a popular guy among Romanian enduro enthusiasts, known for his fairness and integrity. In Vio, you’ll find a friend as reliable as his wrench and as genuine as his love for the sport.

Reasons why to choose Sherco Enduro Tours in Sibiu

  •  This is not a business! It is our passion. The size of the group does not matter, it’s about the atmosphere and fun. For the sake of our customers, we are working only with private groups. You will see the dedication of the team from day one. Throughout the entire tour, you will feel that you came to visit some friends that you are riding it, not that you are at a rental company or so.
  • Technical Assistance throughout the Entire Tour! Our passionate mechanics will follow the tour path in a van. They will offer technical support and service the bikes when needed. Tired? You can ride along for some time in the van.
  • Enjoy riding the entire time of the tour! Our mechanics are refilling the bikes at lunchtime and noon, so that you will never have to worry about stopping at a gas station. And if a bike breaks, our mechanics will switch it on the spot, as we always bring spare bikes along.
  • A friendly team of highly skilled mechanics that will adapt the bikes according to your specifications, needs and requirements.
  • The latest models of Sherco bikes! Ensuring safety and the best performances throughout the entire experience. Through Sherco Rentals: Explore Sibiu’s backcountry on the latest Sherco enduro bikes, purpose-built for extreme trail riding. All our bikes are assured and registered. They are equipped with Mousse technology so that flat tires simply do not happen with us. As our bikes have necessary protection there are small chances for extra costs during the journey.
  • Expert Local Guides: Our team comprises experienced riders familiar with the region’s trails, ensuring a safe and thrilling experience for riders of all levels.
  • New Locations and adapted rides every single day!
  • Awesome Parties and the Chance to Meet and Engage with the Romanian culture.
  • Stunning Landscapes: Ride through alpine meadows, dense forests, rocky ridges, and pristine nature, creating unforgettable memories.
  • Adapted Trails: We are here to offer you the most you can get out of the ride and will adapt the courses on the spot, according to your level of riding, expectations, and natural courses.
  • Safety! We care deeply about safety and offer the full package. High quality bike, riding gear and guides professionally trained in case of emergencies will ensure that you get the ultimate fun and adventure out of all our tours. We also have a shop and can provide quality equipment if needed.
  • Family Tours! We offer you the possibility to choose the accommodation you desire and to bring your family along for the tour. We can also provide them with a program, free tips and will create an own unique experience for them to enjoy while you are riding.
  • Riders Feedback: Once entering the Sherco experience, you become part of our family! We believe in diversity and focus particularly on every rider and his requirements. Just check out the testimonials our friends have left us!
  • Ideal Basecamp Location: Strategically located in Sibiu, we offer quick access to the Southern Carpathians and Mountains, providing prime terrain for an epic adventure.
  • Annual Red Bull Romaniacs Race: Sibiu hosts the renowned Red Bull Romaniacs Race, the most grueling enduro rally globally, attracting top riders for the ultimate challenge. Experience the same thrill and courses as the world’s best riders, adapted to your desires, level of riding and expectation.

Sherco Enduro Rental Service

Choose one of our latest models Sherco enduro bike available for rental. These bikes are ideal for conquering Sibiu’s rugged terrain, are fully equipped and ready to take you up to new heights. All rental bikes include top-spec parts, heavy-duty skid plates, hand guards, and more, ensuring a confident and thrilling ride.
Check them out:

Sherco Two Stroke Bike Rental

Sherco 250/300 SE-R

Torquey 2-stroke options with competition enduro setups.
Sherco For Stroke Bike Rental

Sherco 300 SEF-R

Lightweight and powerful, a perfect 4-stroke bike suitable for single-track adventures.

Guided Enduro Motorcycle Tours

Experience the best of Sibiu together with our team at Sherco Enduro Tours! Here are just some of the features included in the packages. But you can come prepared to enjoy even more, as our team is always surpassing itself and offers way more that is mentioned within the packs:

  • All-Inclusive Packages: From rentals to accommodation, food, and permits, we’ve got you covered. Customize your riding gear in our shop for a personalized touch.
  • Experienced Local Guides: Benefit from our guides’ in-depth knowledge, instruction, support, and insider tips throughout the tour.
  • Fully Supported Rides: Our tours provide logistical support with spare parts, tools, and mechanical assistance.
  • Options for All Skill Levels: Whether you prefer day rides or multi-day expeditions, we cater to riders of every skill level.
  • Joining our experienced team means more time enjoying Sibiu’s trails and less time worrying about logistics. Sign up for a tour today and make memories that last a lifetime!
  • Unlimited Epic Sibiu Enduro Riding Routes.
  • Explore the limitless riding options, which can be adapted for all the different levels of riding and skills. There are a few must-try routes in Sibiu, including, but not limited to:
  • Hill Climb Hard Enduro Stage: Conquer a challenging technical climb over 1.5 km of steep, rocky terrain, offering euphoric views at the summit.
  • Forest Single Track Blast: Navigate narrow single tracks through pine forests and lush valleys, experiencing an exhilarating blast with our Sherco SE-R two-stroke models.
  • Endless Adventure: The possibilities are endless in Sibiu – let us guide you through its magnificent trails and help you create your own adventure.
  • Essential Romanian Enduro Riding Techniques:
  • Master essential hard enduro skills to thrive on Romania’s rugged trails:
  • Slow Speed Handling: Patience, precise throttle control, and proper body positioning are key to navigating rocks, roots, and holes.
  • Standing Riding: Absorb blows and maintain traction by riding fast while standing, keeping knees bent, elbows up, and staying relaxed.
  • Braking Bumps: Navigate tricky corners with hard braking using the rear brake, easing off before turning, and smoothly accelerating through.
  • Hill Climbs: Conquer steep uphill’s with momentum, weight forward, and powering over the bars, using terrain advantageously if needed.
  • Mastering these techniques ensures you can conquer Romania’s toughest trails with confidence, like a true Red Bull Romaniacs warrior!

Why should a Sherco Enduro Tour be on your Bucket List?

An outstanding enduro motorcycle tour through Transylvania should be on every rider’s bucket list! Here’s why:

Live the Red Bull Romaniacs Experience: With Sherco Enduro Tours you will conquer and ride some of the trails used by top competitors in the Red Bull Romaniacs Rally, experiencing the same thrill as in the world’s most famous race.

Epic Scenery and Breathtaking Landscapes: Encounter steep climbs, miles of singletrack, treacherous riverbeds, and diverse terrains unmatched in Europe. Sibiu offers one of the most beautiful panoramas in the entire country and you will fully benefit from pristine nature that you will never forget.

The Tour Adapts to Your Pace: we offer the only tour that adapts to your riding pace and level of experience; every day the trails are customized to accommodate your groups, while the technical van provides assistance, and professional guides care for both safety and fun.

Improvement: we offer tracks for all skills, from very flowy and cozy rides to extremely difficult ones that will test your limits to the max. It is up to you to decide between them. One thing is clear though! You will return as a better rider after encountering the Romanian mountains.

Unique Culture: Beyond biking, exploring mountain villages, Saxon architecture, and the Dracula lore, we are adding rich cultural experiences to your adventure. The Romanian culture is a very welcoming and friendly one. You will enjoy the vast variety of food, meet extraordinary people, and even encounter bio farming at its finest, with flocks of sheep roaming on the bike trails.

Riding buddies: Taking your crew and best friends to ride in another part of the world is already the coolest experience you can get! But we are offering even more! Our entire team is built of enduro riders, so you are going to make even more friends from day one. We treat every new rider as a friend, and you will feel that you are part of our big family.

Embark on an outstanding Sibiu enduro tour and live an adventure like no other. Start planning your Sherco Enduro Tours experience today!

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