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Created for worldwide enduro lovers, Sherco Enduro Tours Sibiu combines all the ingredients for an unforgettable enduro adventure.
It offers the perfect balance between exciting adventure tours in Romania and a great day out on the bike, pure outdoor adrenaline, amazing landscapes, and lots of fun. Sherco bikes were introduced into the market to compete at the highest level in Enduro Competitions all over the world. They are equipped with a powerful engine and a chassis that has made Sherco a famous brand. It will only take a tour to turn you into an addicted Sherco rider. We can offer lots of enduro trails for all levels.

The enduro trips start with easy trails and, step by step, we are increasing the difficulty of the tracks. In order to please our customers, we also adjust each rider’s own riding style. Our enduro adventure begins in the middle of March and lasts until the end of November. We have almost 9 months to enjoy riding. We can organize short tours as well as long tours (3 to 5 days), we also organize longer enduro trips, according to our customers’ wishes. The one-day tour will take between 8 and 9 hours, with a lunch break in the middle of the day.

For us, enduro riding means having fun and a nice adventure, for you riding a Sherco bike can be a way to test your limits.

Radu Zicu


Radu Brumar

Racer and Guide

Bobo Butiu


Ovidiu Vlad

Technical assistance

Viorel Costin

Technical assistance / racer & guide
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