We are fully prepared and ready for the 2022 Enduro Tours! Our staff has prepared the best tracks for all levels of riding and this year we are mainly focused on bringing you the ultimate adventure in the Carpathian mountains! Last year after pandemic situation got better we managed to pull out some really great enduro tour that went in the history books, and this year we are aiming even higher!

Want to try out Red Bull Romanaics terrain?

We got exactly what you need! We are located in Sibiu, Romania where the famous Hard Enduro Rallye Red Bull Romaniacs take place each year! Our staff is made of former Romaniacs track managers, so you can be sure abut that you will get the best taste of this unique enduro terrain.

Do you need more?

Come and book your enduro tour in Romania for this season! Our packages are suitable and cover all the needs. Come and explore our enduro tour packages now!



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