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Bike rental for red bull romaniacs

by Sherco Romania
Latest bikes

Bikes for rental are Sherco SE 300 Factory and SEF 300 Factory latest models

Before training

One training day before the race is included in the price. If you want to plan more days for training contact us

Sherco Enduro Bike Rental Romania
Equiped bikes

Bike will come with: standard mousses, skid plate, new tires, fan, strap front and rear, radiator protector, closed handguards


Bikes for rental Sherco SE 300 Factory and SEF 300 Factory latest models

What is included in our

2022 Red Bull Romaniacs
Bike Rental Package

What is not included in the package

What to expect from us when racing

romaniacs with a rented bike

After you will arrive we will set up the rented enduro  bike for you and we will go for one day training in the mountains.

At the Red Bull Romaniacs prologue, you will have the bike at the start point with the technical assistance near you.

Each race day will start early in the morning, so for some riders will have for example 06:45 starting time and for others will be 07:45 it will be one hour of waiting. We will take the first starting time and communicate each evening the starting times and the time that we will leave in the next morning towards the start. Who wants to arrive later to the starting location will be on his own regarding transportation.

In every race day you will have a SERVICE POINT where our mechanics are refreshing the bikes and repair in case is needed. In service point you will have usually 20 minutes brake to relax, eat, refresh yourselves, if you have a problem with the bike you will need to say to the mechanic in the moment that you reach to the mechanical tents.

When you finish the race day, you will come to the riders paddock and there you need to say to the mechanic everything what is needed at the bike for the next day and they will take care of it. After this you will go for rest because the next morning you will have a RACE.

Our full service means that we will not give you tools to repair your bike by yourself; we will do this for you in ‘paddock’ and also at ‘Service points’ during the race. The rental price includes the usage of the bike, normal wear, and fuel. Parts that are damaged during the race will be supported financially by the rider.
Spare parts are not included in the rental package price!

By choosing us you can be sure that we are on the same mission as you!

We have more than 15 years of experience in enduro bike rental, also as a service team and supporting partner of riders at Red Bull Romaniacs!

In 2022 we had three podium finishers at Red Bull Romaniacs, riders who choosed our services!

1st place Silver class / 2nd place Bronze class / 3rd place Bronze class

Bike rental for enduro competitions

We also rent bikes for all races in Romania and outside Romania

Sherco 300 SE/R 2 stroke equipped for racing

Sherco 300i SEF-R 4 stroke
equipped for racing

What our technical support includes?

All competitors who take the technical support package will have access to support tents in the ‘Paddock’ and at all ‘Service Points’.

Training tour before the race

We organize training tours before the race at your request just to get you an idea about the race and the GPS usage and for you to get comfortable with the bike and the terrain.  We can arrange your transport for you with additional costs.

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